Time Away

AS you might of noticed there has been a rather large gap between today and my last post. In this time I have been working,well for one at my job, and with another website that I help to run. In this time it has allowed me to think about what I want to put forward on this website.

Originally I wanted this to be the first stop for entomophagist who wanted to learn about the lifestyle.  But now I just want it to showcase who I am and what I know, I am turning away from the polished feel and instead going to use this platform to be an honest look at my life, my failings, faults, triumphs and lifestyle. I am hoping by not having to worry about the content and creation of polished posts that I am able to write shorter smaller articles that will better reflect who I am.

And if you would like to see some of my more polished work, check out my other website; https://www.ifloveconservation.com/

I write a lot of the articles, mostly about bugs if I can get away with it.

Hopefully you will appreciate my honesty in my work going forward and you will stick around to see what will come of it.

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