Fried Insects on a stick,Entomophagy

What is Entomophagy?

Entomophagy is the human use of insects as food. So an Entomophagist simply eats insects/invertebrates as food.

Why eat insects.

This is a question I get asked a LOT, but it has a very simple answer.

  1. It is good for the environment, to raise invertebrates for food uses far less water and food then conventional protein sources such as beef or poultry.
  2. I can raise the animal in my house, I feed them food scraps helping to recycle more.
  3. They taste really nice.


More the 80% of nations eat invertebrates, and depending on your interpretation of the word people can include other invertebrates in the definition. This can lead to some people including common foods such as shrimp and lobster to this list.

I grew up traveling around South East Asia, so the taboo that eating insects carries in the West was never something that I was exposed to. In fact it was common to sit down to crickets, spiders, ants and a mirriad of other invertebrates as snacks or for dinner. So when I moved back to the UK in 2008 I was shocked to find that entomophagy still carried a stigma and that little to no one had brought the practice with them. With that in mind I still carried on working with and eating invertebrates in my home, however the lack of information about entomophagy and recipes has lead me to start this blog.

So lets take on that stigma and change the world one meal at a time.

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